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Melior Discovery

          Melior Discovery in vivo pharmacology phenotypic screening

Melior Discovery has extensive capability in the area of in vivo pharmacology. 
Since 2005 Melior has evaluated hundreds of compounds in thousands of studies across dozens of animal models of human disease. We have applied this extensive know-how to pioneer theraTRACE®, a unique, high throughput in vivo pharmacology platform that serves as a powerful drug repositioning platform. Melior offers access to individual animal models and our theraTRACE® platform as contract research or on collaborative research basis.  We are a dedicated in vivo pharmacology CRO that strives to provide the highest quality service.


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Our Drug Discovery Philosophy


Recent Studies Using Phenotypic Screening:

Phenotypic screening identifies Axl kinase as a nega...

Related Articles Phenotypic screening identifies Axl kinase as a negative regulator of an alveolar epithelial cell phenotype. Lab Invest. 2017 May 29;: Authors: Fujino N, Kubo H, Maciewicz RA Abstract Loss of epithelial barrier integrity is implic...

Small-molecule phenotypic screening with stem cells.

Related Articles Small-molecule phenotypic screening with stem cells. Nat Chem Biol. 2017 May 17;13(6):560-563 Authors: Ursu A, Schöler HR, Waldmann H PMID: 28514421 [PubMed - in process]


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