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In Vivo Phenotypic Screening: Clinical Proof of Concept for a Drug Repositioning Approach

Ciallella JR, Reaume, AG

Science Direct, Elsevier, March 2017



Phenotypic Screening

Macolino-Kane CM, Ciallellla, JR, Lipinski CA, Reaume AG

In: Drug Repostioning: Approaches And Applications For Neurotherapeutics.  CRC Press, June 2017.  Ed. Dudely J, Berliocchi L. 



A Mouse Model of Furosemide-Induced Overactive Bladder

Saporito MS, Zuvich E, DiCamillo A

Curr Protoc Pharmacol 2016 Sep; 74:5 68, 1-5



Rule of Five in 2015 and Beyond:  Target and Ligand Structural Limitations, Ligand Chemistry Structure and Drug Discovery Project Decisions

Christopher A. Lipinski

Science Direct, Elsevier, April 27, 2016



Parallel Worlds of Public and Commercial Bioactivity Chemistry Data

Lipinski CA, Litterman NK, Southan C, Williams AJ, Clark AM and Ekins S. 

J. Med. Chem. 2014 Nov; Article ASAP.



Computational Prediction and Validation of an Expert's Evaluation of Chemical Probes Litterman NK, Lipinski CA, Bunin BA, Ekins S. J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2014 Sept; 54(10): 2996-3004.



The future of drug discovery: Two required supplements to current practices. Reaume AG, Lipinski CA. Pharma July 2013
MLR-1023 is a potent and selective allosteric activator of Lyn kinase in vitro that improves glucose tolerance in vivo. Saporito MS, Ochman AR, Lipinski CA, Handler JA, Reaume AG. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2012 Jul;342(1):15-22.
The Lyn kinase activator MLR-1023 is a novel insulin receptor potentiator that elicits a rapid-onset and durable improvement in glucose homeostasis in animal models of type 2 diabetes. Ochman AR, Lipinski CA, Handler JA, Reaume AG, Saporito MS. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2012 Jul;342(1):23-32.
Phenotypic in vivo screening to identify new unpredicted indication for existing drugs and drug candidates. Saporito MS, Lipinski CA, Reaume AG in Drug Repositioning: Bringing New Life to Shelved Assets. (John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ, USA) 2012. Barratt MD and Frail D (Eds).
Drug repurposing through nonhypothesis driven phenotypic screening. Reaume AG. Drug Disc. Today 2011 8(3-4):85-88.
theraTRACE®: A mechanism unbiased in vivo platform for phenotypic screening and drug repositioning. Saporito MS, Reaume AG. Drug Disc. Today 2011 8(3-4):89-95.
The anti-intellectual effects of intellectual property. Lipinski CA. Curr Opin Chem Biol. 2006 Aug;10(4):380-3.

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